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The structural fund information service is a browser-based service, where users can search for information on European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and European Social Fund (ESF) projects in the Sustainable growth and jobs – Structural Fund Programme of Finland 2014–2020. The service is maintained by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, which serves as the managing authority.

Information is presented in accordance with the Act on the Openness of Government Activities (621/1999) and the information service also fulfils the requirements set in Article 115 and Annex XII of Commission Regulation 1303/2013 on publishing a list of operations. Upon signature of a project application, each beneficiary agrees to the publication of its information.

Information can be searched for either by performing a free-form text search, using different search criteria or clicking on the fund and priority area links at the bottom of the page. The projects found in the search are listed in a table, in which the user can open a description of each project. See search instructions for more detailed information on performing information searches. For more information on structural fund operations, visit

ALL, 11682 no.
ERDF, 8783 no. ESF, 2899 no.
Priority areas Priority areas
1. Competitiveness of SMEs, 4562 no. 3. Employment and labour mobility, 1110 no.
2. Production and utilisation of latest knowledge and expertise, 2878 no. 4. Education, professional skills and lifelong learning, 945 no.
6. Technical assistance, 15 no. 5. Social inclusion and combating poverty, 553 no.
8. REACT-EU ERDF measures, 1328 no. 7. Technical assistance, 3 no.
9. REACT-EU ESF measures, 288 no.
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